From the Principal

2020 Commencement Mass and Commissioning of College Leaders

Principal Speech Transcript: As we commence the 2020 College year, as a community we are blessed to have this cohort of Year 12 students leading us. The landscape of education has changed particularly for these young women and men, leading the charge forging the way for the new Queensland Certificate of Education. Our society has changed, the world that these young people will graduate into has changed, and continues to change.

But what we know is constant, a great comfort in what are sometimes worrying and troubling times, is that God loves us. God journeys with us.

“God, The Father who sent you, God, who loved each of us into being, is here with you, here with us each day, each moment.” Always, and that is an absolute truth. So powerful, so calming, so lovely.

As we commence this year we are invigorated by the invitation we hear in our Gospel today reminding us that Jesus is Light for the world.

For us, as a uniquely catholic community, we believe that each and every one of our blessed young women and men are the face of Jesus, we believe that you are the light for the world.

“Let your light shine”. The future of these beautiful young women and men before us today, is not the same as the future their parents and I graduated into, not even the same future as their older siblings graduated into – societal change is happening at such a rapid rate.

One thing we can be assured of, is that each and every one of these blessed young women and men have gifts and talents that will be a shining example for those around them. Do not hide your light, let your light shine.

Listen to the call of the holy spirit, unlock your gifts and talents and live into your giftedness.

As we commence the year, my concluding message to our Senior Class of 2020, all of our College students, staff and families is, you are loved, you are blessed gifts to our community, you each are more than enough. I am proud to be part of this most wonderful St Michael’s family.

Let 2020 be the year that you live completely into your giftedness, a year when you let your light shine, as together we “ignite passions and support each other exceed potential.”