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Kylie Slatter, Head of Learning and Teaching

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Principal​’s Message TRANSCRIPT:

Hi, it’s Anthony from St Michael’s. Welcome to our very first newsletter in our new format. Rather than our standard print newsletter, we’ve now gone this year in 2020 to our new style of sharing news with our community. So, across this year we’ll be presenting our news to you in our video formats; short snippets from the Principal, short snippets from Learning and Teaching Team and from the Pastoral Team. All other news that parents and families and community need to catch up on will be emailed out through the parent portal or through other parent slips online. We hope you enjoy the new format, we hope that it’ll be more accessible to our community, to our students and to our families.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our families for the connection and partnership for the first three weeks of this year. We’re very proud of the dedicated and committed staff that we have here at St Michael’s that have been providing opportunities for our students in 2020.

We would like to especially thank all our families for your support and perseverance with the events over the first few weeks here at the college. With all that wonderful life giving rain that we’ve had, of course we’ve had the cancellation of a few of our events; our Year 7 welcome evening, our swimming carnival and commencement mass, but we look forward to welcoming our families this week to our rescheduled welcome evening and our Scientia Awards, our master planning meeting that is coming up and our Term I family and community engagement meeting on the 3rd of March.

We’ve been here as a College Leadership Team at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in the past two days working with other colleges and primary schools across Brisbane Catholic Education with our symposium, focusing on collaboration. How do we make sure that we hear the voice of our community? So, I look forward to sharing that news with you over the coming weeks of this term and into the future because the education of our young people is about partnership.

I remind you all also of our bursary launch. This week we’re very excited that we launched our bursaries. Year 7 2021 please make sure you access that information, if you have family members enrolled for Year 7 2021 or anyone you know, click on the links available through our social media pages or through our college website and access that information.

Remember the education of our young people is all about partnership, and at St Michael’s we look forward to continuing to partner with you with the education of our young people, because together we will make sure that our young people achieve that excellence and live into the brilliance that we know that they are capable of.

Passions Ignited, Exceeding Potential. St Michael’s College in partnership with our families.

Until next time, thank you.

Kylie Slatter, Head of Learning and Teaching TRANSCRIPT:

What a fantastic start to 2020!

On behalf of the learning and teaching team and our dedicated staff, we would like to thank the students and the parents for a successful start to the year.

The beginning of the academic year is always full of promise. New books, new stationery and new beginnings. Our aim is to inspire a love of learning for all students.

Perhaps for some it is a time of transition, some are starting their high school adventure, many are advancing to the next year level, and some are on the precipice of finishing.

Our senior students are well supported and have expert teachers who are guiding them through the rigours associated with the Queensland Certificate of Education.

In addition to this, at St Michael’s College we journey alongside each individual student through an effective and comprehensive mentoring program.

We believe that paving the way to a successful future requires a partnership between both school and home. Thank you to those parents who attended our senior schooling information evenings.

These sessions were well attended and provided opportunities for open lines of communication which are vital in ensuring your child feels connected, comfortable and motivated to exceed their potential!

In the middle years we welcomed the year 7’s. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet all parents and families.

Students learn best when they feel a positive connection and mutual respect with their teacher. Our teachers are skilled at exploring the curriculum in a meaningful and engaging manner.

We empower a culture of collaboration at St Michael’s and a new initiative that we are trialling at the College, is the creation of core classes in Year 7 and 8 which is the same teacher in multiple subjects. This provides opportunities for the creation of excellent relationships between the teachers and students to enhance their learning.

We look forward to next week’s Scientia Awards, these awards have a long standing tradition at the College. Scientia is Latin for knowledge. The awards recognise the Semester II academic accomplishments from 2019. If your child is receiving an award you will have been sent an invitation to attend.

Students, I encourage you to ensure that you are being proactive and organised in your approach to your studies. Remember to use your planner, be organised and seek support support if you need it.

Cultivating a connected community, we will ensure that all students exceed their potential.